Plugged In Not Charging, Issue Fixed | Laptop battery issue solutions | Laptop battery not working

Hey Guys, I am writing this article after long time in my busy schedule.
Does your laptop not charging and showing Plugged In and Not charging. Don’t worry, We have solution for this.

1. Right click on Computer-> Properties -> Now click on Device manager from left panel.
2. Now, click drop down on Batteries (as shown in the image)

3. Now Right click and uninstall both Microsoft AC Adapter & Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Battery
4. Yes, You are really going to uninstall now and don’t worry
5. Now, shut down your laptop and remove the power cable.
6. Reconnect the power cable and switch on the Laptop now.
7. This issue will be fixed now.

This method is for all laptop brands including Lenovo, Dell, HP, ACER, Toshiba and all Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

If you have further questions or suggestions. Please comment below.

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